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Pinellas Park Hood Cleaning

The importance of a clean kitchen hood can’t be overstated. An improperly cared for hood can lead to serious problems in a commercial kitchen that range from pests and off smells to dangerous kitchen fires. Regular inspection and cleaning are also necessary to stay in compliance with fire codes like NFPA-96.

Our trained and licensed technicians bring more than two decades of experience to the job of keeping your Pinellas Park kitchen hood clean and in working order.

Signs It’s Time to Get Your Hood Cleaned

Your kitchen hood should be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. Most experts recommend inspections four times a year. You may also have specific requirements from your insurer that involve cleaning your hood more often.

A few signs that your hood is due for inspection and cleaning to include:

  • there is visible residue on the hood that you can’t scrub off during normal cleaning.
  • there is a strong odor of grease present around the exhaust hood or the duct work.
  • the exhaust fan rattles or makes excessive noise.
  • grease stains are present on the ceiling.
  • you are unable to pinpoint the last time you had your exhaust hood cleaned.

If any of these are true of your establishment, make an appointment right away. Delaying cleaning can lead to inconvenient or dangerous conditions or even put you in violation of local fire codes.

What Happens When You Call Us for Hood Cleaning?

With every customer, we start with a free initial inspection. We’ll write up an estimate and let you know what cleaning tasks are needed.

During cleaning, we painstakingly remove all oil vapor deposits from the fan, filters, hood, cups and ducts. This thorough cleaning means that your systems will run more efficiently to keep the air in your commercial kitchen cleaner.

The safety and comfort of your clientele and your crew depend on clean and well-maintained equipment. We provide the high-quality service you need to keep everything in working order. We offer a total satisfaction guarantee. We aren’t happy until you are happy.

Call for a no-obligation initial inspection and estimate today!