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Clearwater Hood Cleaning

You know how important it is to run a clean kitchen. You work daily to ensure that your crew has the equipment they need to do the job. But, are you neglecting the cleanliness of your establishment’s exhaust hoods?

Exhaust hoods can sometimes be ignored, which is a serious error. NFPA-96 fire codes and insurance policies require that your kitchen hoods are inspected and cleaned on a regular basis to reduce the risk of fires and other hazards.

Does Your Hood Need to be Cleaned?

Often, the intervals between exhaust hood cleanings are spelled out in your insurance policy. While the average interval is every three months, some kitchen environments need cleaning more or less often.

Our knowledgeable crew brings more than 20 years to the exhaust hood cleaning process. We can let you know what the right schedule is for your business and help you stay in the best possible shape.

Not sure if it’s time for a cleaning? Look for these telltale signs:

  • your exhaust hood has a noticeable grease odor.
  • oil stains have accumulated on the ceiling.
  • the exhaust fan makes a rattling noise or operates loudly.
  • there are persistent grease stains on your hood that won’t come off.
  • you can’t remember the last time you had your exhaust hood cleaned.

Do any of the above apply? Do not delay. Call us for an appointment to stay in compliance with local and national fire codes.

What We Do

Our process begins with a free inspection and estimate from one of our licensed technicians. Once you’ve given us the go-ahead, our techs begin the painstaking cleaning process. The hood, cups, filters, fans and ducts are all thoroughly cleaned to remove all grease and grime accumulation.

We’ll set you up with a regular exhaust hood inspection and cleaning schedule that fits your business needs.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee. We want you to be as happy with your work as we are to serve you.

Is your exhaust hood due for cleaning? Get in touch today.